The automatic lubricator Simalube provides all possible kinds of lubricating points with lubricant. 24 hours, day in, day out.
Within seconds simalube is fixed to the lubricating point. 
On commissioning, a gasproduction cell is activated which presses the lubricant on the lubrication point through the release of hyrdrogen gas. 
The lubrication amount can be steplessly adjusted by means of an Allen Key.

Technical information:
Code: D.SIMA.SL02-060
Size: 60 ml
Lubricant: Multipurpose grease + MoS²
Applications: Slide bearing, gears, gear rack
Temperature range: -25 / +130°C
Base oil: MIneral oil
Thickener: Lithium (Li)
Power generation: Hydrogen gas (H2) producing dry cells
Working pressure: Max. 5 bar
Adjustment: Stepless 1–12 months
Ingress protection: IP68 (dustproof and waterproof)
Usage period: Within 2 years of filling date
Storage temperature: Suggested temperature 20°C ± 5°C
Screw thread outlet: 1/4" BSP
Dimensions: Ø 52 mm, length 62 mm
Weight in kg: 0.115